Monday, 2 January 2012



I havnt blogged in agesss, the excitement of Christmas and being off work took over but I've decided I must pay my blog more attention if I'm ever going to have any followers! Over Christmas I made some adorable Christmas stockings and baubles for presents, I also made some Christmas lemon biscuits and amazing gingerbread men! I didn't have time to create tutorials so I think I will save them for next year.

For NYE my boyfriend and I stayed in, we had some drinks, played cards and got a curry (YUM)...I fell asleep around 11pm but got woken up to watch the fireworks on TV from London - they looked pretty amazing! 

Big Ben - New Year 2012

As its new year I've decided to make some resolutions which I hope to stick too:

> Bake new things (monthly)
> Sell at craft fairs (monthly)
> Use my treadmill / play just dance at least 3 times a week
> Save money!
>Blog (a few times per week) - to keep record of my crafts and baking!

I start back to work tomorrow :( Not looking forward to it because I've enjoyed my time off so much!! But I do look forward to being paid :) - so I shouldn't complain!

♥ Amber

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