Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pokemon Costume

Tonight my boyfriend is off to his friends stag do, the theme was Pokemon! I think the stag was Ash and the rest were trainers...oh and one nun!? Joe decided to be Poliwrath!


To make a Poliwrath pokemon costume I cut out a cardboard circle, covered it with wrapping paper the wrong way round so it was white then used a permanent marker to design his belly.

To make the eyes I did the same thing and added coloured paper for eyelids! Joe wore a blue top with white gloves - we attached the pieces with pins and ribbon around the waist.

Joe as a pokecard! Haha

♥ Amber

Thursday, 12 January 2012

My new years resolutions have been off to a good start! I've been trying to treadmill and play just dance after work - tonight I ran 1 mile in 9.30mins :) HORRAY! 

So now I need to get my crafting and baking on track! I attempted to make Brownies for the first time ever (SHOCKING) a few weeks ago but they didn't cook properly - I blame our crappy oven for taking longer to cook everything and also because I used a glass dish instead of a pan....anywhoo I will redeem myself - watch this space. On a brighter note I made up my own easy peasy recipe for peanut butter and nutella cupcakes!! They were de-lish! Unfortunately they all disappeared to quick for me to take pictures but I'm planning on making some more soon so I will make a recipe tutorial for them then :)

As far as crafting goes I wish I had more free time to do it!! I've written down a few things in my notepad so I don't forget about stuff but I'm going to try and get more organised! I think its probably better to plan one craft out - get the materials and do it....rather than what I've been doing which is thinking about 10 things at once and only having odd bits n pieces. I really want to get better at knitting...I've abandoned my scarf-to-be - He is currently living in my glove compartment in the car. A project I really want to do soon is making cuffs! Using felt, crushed velvet and knitted ones...

Ok, Enough JibberJabbering.....Bedtime! NightNight :)

♥ Amber

Monday, 2 January 2012



I havnt blogged in agesss, the excitement of Christmas and being off work took over but I've decided I must pay my blog more attention if I'm ever going to have any followers! Over Christmas I made some adorable Christmas stockings and baubles for presents, I also made some Christmas lemon biscuits and amazing gingerbread men! I didn't have time to create tutorials so I think I will save them for next year.

For NYE my boyfriend and I stayed in, we had some drinks, played cards and got a curry (YUM)...I fell asleep around 11pm but got woken up to watch the fireworks on TV from London - they looked pretty amazing! 

Big Ben - New Year 2012

As its new year I've decided to make some resolutions which I hope to stick too:

> Bake new things (monthly)
> Sell at craft fairs (monthly)
> Use my treadmill / play just dance at least 3 times a week
> Save money!
>Blog (a few times per week) - to keep record of my crafts and baking!

I start back to work tomorrow :( Not looking forward to it because I've enjoyed my time off so much!! But I do look forward to being paid :) - so I shouldn't complain!

♥ Amber